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Harvard president apologizes for her testimony at antisemitism hearing

Harvard University president Claudine Gay issued an apology in an interview with The Harvard Crimson, expressing regret for her congressional testimony that faced widespread condemnation.

During a House committee hearing on antisemitism on campus, Gay and other university presidents did not explicitly state that calls for the genocide of Jewish people constitute bullying or harassment. The apology acknowledged the importance of words and regret for not effectively conveying the stance that calls for violence against the Jewish community have no place at Harvard and will always be challenged. The criticism extends to other academic institutions, including the University of Pennsylvania and MIT, for perceived inaction against antisemitism.

President Liz Magill of UPenn has faced calls for resignation, and Harvard is among 14 colleges under investigation by the Department of Education for discrimination involving shared ancestry since the October attacks. Gay has faced calls to resign, notably from hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman, who criticized the university presidents’ behavior during the hearing, stating they must all resign in disgrace.

By: Montana Newsroom staff

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