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Knudsen eyes second term as Attorney General

Montana’s Attorney General, Austin Knudsen, declared his candidacy for re-election in November, emphasizing his commitment to combating drugs and crime, challenging the perceived detrimental effects of the Biden administration’s agenda on Montanans, and safeguarding the freedoms and liberties of the state’s residents.

As the leader of the Montana Department of Justice, overseeing agencies such as the Montana Highway Patrol, Division of Criminal Investigation, and State Crime Lab, Attorney General Knudsen has spearheaded efforts against drug-related and violent crimes in the state. Additionally, his office has actively participated in national battles against what is perceived as overreaching mandates by the Biden administration on energy policies, border security, and gun rights. Within Montana, he has increased the prosecution of major criminals.

Reflecting on his tenure, Attorney General Knudsen stated, “It’s been an honor to serve Montanans as their Attorney General. President Biden has been a disaster for Montana, and I am committed to undoing the harm he has done. I humbly ask for the support of Montanans in continuing this important work.”

Fighting Drugs and Crime in Montana Communities:

Attorney General Knudsen has been a steadfast proponent of law and order, dedicating his efforts to address the surge in drugs and crime across Montana communities. Under his leadership, the Montana Department of Justice has achieved significant milestones, including:

  • Strengthening human trafficking and sex offender laws in Montana to protect survivors and impose harsher penalties on predators.
  • Implementing mandatory minimum prison sentences for fentanyl distribution and severe penalties for drug dealers responsible for fatalities.
  • Allocating unprecedented resources to local law enforcement, including specialized prosecutors, additional investigators, and drug-detecting canines.
  • Securing a $2.1 million grant to eliminate the backlog of sexual assault evidence kits and bring unprosecuted rapists to justice.
  • Increasing prosecutions of serious criminals such as cop killers, child sex predators, murderers, and rapists.

Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter praised Attorney General Knudsen, stating, “He has done an incredible job getting resources out of Helena and into communities across Montana to help law enforcement agencies like mine keep our communities safe.”

Meagher County Attorney Burt Hurwitz added, “Attorney General Knudsen is an indispensable partner for rural counties in our fight against drugs and crime.”

Battling the Biden Administration:

In his initial term, Attorney General Knudsen emerged as a national leader opposing President Biden’s policies that he believes jeopardize the safety and lifestyle of Montanans. In less than three years, he has filed nearly three dozen lawsuits against the Biden administration, addressing issues such as the border, gun rights, energy development, and economic policies. Key accomplishments include:

  • Filing 36 lawsuits against President Biden’s policies.
  • Advocating for border security to halt the influx of illegal drugs from Mexico.
  • Leading on critical energy issues to lower costs and create jobs.
  • Safeguarding tax cuts for Montanans from federal overreach.
  • Successfully opposing the Senate confirmation of an anti-gun Biden appointee.
  • Playing a pivotal role in ending COVID vaccine and mask mandates.

Stacy Zinn, former U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Resident Agent in Charge for Montana, commended Attorney General Knudsen for effectively combating drug proliferation, stating, “He has been fighting on two fronts: increasing law enforcement efforts and taking the Biden administration to court to secure our nation’s borders.”

George Harris, executive director of the Montana Coal Council, praised Knudsen as a national leader in protecting Montana workers and families against what he perceives as detrimental Biden administration policies on the energy industry.

Defending Montanans’ Rights and Freedom:

From his early days in office, Attorney General Knudsen has actively championed the preservation of rights guaranteed to Montanans in the Constitution. Unafraid to challenge established norms, he has fought against government overreach, taken on Big Banks and Big Tech, and become a national advocate for parental rights and gun rights. His accomplishments include:

  • Initiating consumer protection investigations into Big Tech companies’ practices.
  • Successfully challenging unconstitutional COVID restrictions on a local business.
  • Leading multi-state efforts to support parents’ rights against school officials withholding information.
  • Advocating for expanded gun rights in Montana and nationwide.
  • Being the first Attorney General to ban harmful critical race theory indoctrination.

Seth Berglee, former state representative and co-owner of a Montana firearms manufacturer, praised Attorney General Knudsen for defending individual rights, particularly the right to keep and bear arms.

As Attorney General Knudsen seeks re-election, he says his focus remains on building upon these accomplishments, further fortifying Montana communities, and preserving the state’s cherished traditions and freedoms.

By: Montana Newsroom Staff

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