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RNC Chair to Step Down After Super Tuesday

Ronna McDaniel, who has led the GOP for seven years as the chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), announced her resignation effective March 8, following Super Tuesday on March 5. She stated her intention to step down at the party’s spring training meeting in Houston to allow the nominee to choose their own chair. McDaniel, initially appointed by Donald Trump after his 2016 election, coordinated her departure with the former president, who has a substantial lead over his sole primary challenger, Nikki Haley, for the 2024 nomination.

Trump endorsed Michael Whatley, the current North Carolina GOP Chair and RNC general counsel, to succeed McDaniel as the new RNC chair. He also endorsed Lara Trump, his daughter-in-law, to replace the current RNC co-chair, Drew McKissick. The shakeup in leadership was predicted by Trump following his victory in the South Carolina GOP primary election.

McDaniel’s resignation precedes Super Tuesday and the Michigan primary. Some RNC members expected her resignation before the Michigan primary. Haley criticized Trump’s influence in the party, accusing him of attempting to control it by endorsing his allies and family members for executive positions in the RNC.

Lara Trump’s statement indicating that all RNC funds would be devoted to reelecting her father-in-law raised concerns that the RNC might cover some of Trump’s legal fees. However, the former president’s campaign insists that RNC funds won’t cover his legal fees. Draft resolutions circulated among RNC members aim to prevent the organization from covering Trump’s legal fees until he secures the required majority of delegates.

By: Montana Newsroom staff

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