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Special Counsel Doubles Down on Joe Biden’s Memory Remarks

Special Counsel Robert Hur is set to defend his remarks regarding President Joe Biden’s memory during his testimony before lawmakers on Tuesday. Hur chose not to pursue criminal charges following the discovery of sensitive materials from the Obama era at Biden’s Delaware home and a Washington, D.C. office he used.

In his opening statement, Hur will assert that his critique of the 81-year-old president’s memory was justified, accurate, and impartial, emphasizing that Biden himself brought his memory into question. Hur’s report, released in February, concluded that prosecuting Biden would be challenging, noting that he might appear sympathetic to a jury due to his age and memory issues.

Hur’s report raised concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities, citing instances where his memory seemed limited, such as forgetting when his son Beau died. This has reignited worries about Biden’s age as he pursues reelection. Former President Donald Trump and other Republicans have used Hur’s report to criticize Biden and question the Department of Justice’s fairness.

Hur was appointed as special counsel to investigate Biden’s handling of classified documents after they were found at his private residences. Biden and the White House have disputed Hur’s findings, with Biden asserting that his memory is functioning normally.

During his congressional testimony, Hur will explain that discussing Biden’s memory in his report was essential to assess his intent regarding classified information. He will mention Biden’s statements during interviews, where he claimed not to remember certain events related to classified materials.

Hur will defend his assessment of Biden’s memory as necessary, accurate, and fair, based on the evidence and the President’s own statements. He will emphasize that evaluating Biden’s mental state was crucial to determine his culpability regarding national defense information.

By: Montana Newsroom staff

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