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Gianforte launches annual 56 county tour

Governor Greg Gianforte inaugurated his fourth annual 56 County Tour as governor, engaging with residents of Meagher, Judith Basin, and Fergus counties.

“The most rewarding aspect of my role is connecting with Montanans in their hometowns and workplaces,” remarked Gov. Gianforte. “Launching our 2024 tour is an opportunity to spotlight the innovative small businesses and family farms that drive our economy and enrich our communities.”

Starting the tour in Meagher County, Governor Gianforte visited Delpine Farms in Martinsdale to spotlight Montana’s flourishing agriculture sector. With a focus on soil health and providing fresh produce to Meagher and Wheatland counties, this family-owned farm produces pasture-raised eggs and a variety of vegetables.

Shauna Eagleton, owner of Delpine Farms, emphasized the importance of reintroducing nutritious food into the community. Collaborating with local schools, grocery stores, and the Central Montana Food Hub, the farm is making significant strides within the community.

Eagleton also spearheaded the establishment of the Central Montana Food Hub, acting as a platform for local producers to market their goods online. For further information about the Central Montana Food Hub, visit their website.

In recognition of their efforts, Delpine Farms received a Growth Through Agriculture (GTA) grant from the Montana Department of Agriculture in 2020, aiding in the expansion of their operations.

The GTA program, initiated by the Montana Legislature in 1987, aims to enhance and diversify the state’s agriculture industry through innovative business improvements and the promotion of new, value-added agricultural products. This year, the governor announced recipients of the state’s $896,003 investment in pioneering agriculture projects through the grant.

Continuing the tour in Judith Basin County, Governor Gianforte showcased the exceptional riders and riding program at the Diamond Dot Ranch in Hobson. Engaging with ranch owners and riders, the governor gained insight into their participation in horse shows and sales.

“I aim to shine a light on Montana’s ranch horses. While big shows often feature over 50 horses primarily from states like Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, I firmly believe that the finest ranch horses hail from Montana’s ranches and working operations,” remarked Faith Stevenson, program instructor at Diamond Dot Performance Horses.

Stevenson elaborated, “Our goal is to present a horse that’s both elegant enough for the show arena and robust enough for ranch duties.”

Concluding the day in Lewistown, Governor Gianforte spotlighted a newly established business offering small engine repair services in Fergus County.

Meeting with Jeremy and McKensie Gremaux, proprietors of J&M Small Engine Repair, the governor learned about their recently opened shop, which provides repairs for small engines such as ATVs, dirt bikes, and lawnmowers.

“Small businesses are the cornerstone of our communities. In our commitment to support them, we’ve implemented tax reforms and streamlined bureaucratic hurdles that previously hindered job creators,” remarked Gov. Gianforte.

J&M Small Engine Repair stands among the nearly 60,000 businesses launched last year in Montana, surpassing the previous record set in 2022 by over 6,000 businesses.

Staying true to his pledge to empower Montanans to retain more of their earnings and foster small business development, Governor Gianforte collaborated with the legislature to enact the most significant income tax reduction in Montana’s history, reducing income tax rates for Montanans across all income brackets.

By: Montana Newsroom staff

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