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‘Anti-woke’ beer teams up Riley Gaines for calendar fundraiser

Conservative Dad is donating 10% of proceeds from its 'Real Women of America' calendar to Riley Gaines' charity

A beer company that calls itself  “anti-woke” and gained popularity in response to Bud Light’s promotion of transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney has announced that its recent campaign successfully raised thousands of dollars for the Riley Gaines Center, dedicated to safeguarding women’s sports.

Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer collaborated with Riley Gaines, a women’s sports activist, on the creation of the “Real Women of America” 2024 Calendar. This initiative is hailed as the first calendar specifically designed to showcase the beauty of conservative women in America. As part of the campaign, the company committed to donating 10% of calendar sales to the Riley Gaines Center, aiming to protect women’s sports from what they perceive as “extreme leftist ideology” seeking to undermine women’s athletics.

Riley Gaines stated that the campaign has achieved success by raising $20,000 for her organization, emphasizing the need for more companies like Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer to boldly support conservative causes.

According to the Riley Gaines Center’s website, the group identifies and recruits individuals targeted by the left, providing training to defend America’s founding principles and become influential leaders upholding those principles.

Dana Loesch, a conservative radio host featured in the calendar, expressed her pride in supporting an organization that celebrates women in a way they deserve.

The limited-edition pinup calendar, featuring conservative women such as Gaines, Loesch, Kim Klacik, Sara Gonzales, Ashley St. Clair, and Peyton Drew, among others, was released to the public on December 6. Seth Weathers, CEO of Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer, highlighted the calendar as a reminder that men cannot replace the beautiful women of America.

The beer company’s Ultra Right brand emerged in response to a viral video posted by Weathers on Twitter, pushing back against Bud Light’s controversial campaign featuring transgender activist Mulvaney. Emphasizing that Ultra Right Beer is “100% woke-free,” Weathers expressed a commitment to bringing back elements of beer companies associated with great beer, American patriotism, fun, fast cars, and celebrating real women.

By: Montana Newsroom staff

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