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New Multiplex Plan Unveiled for Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds

County Fairgrounds

A groundbreaking proposal is on the horizon for the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds in Helena, potentially ushering in a new era of entertainment and sports in the area. The envisioned multiplex, known as the ARC Project, could transform the fairgrounds into a bustling hub for a variety of activities, including rodeos, swim tournaments, concerts, and soccer games.

Leading the charge are architects like Ben Tintinger, who have been diligently crafting plans alongside firms Mosaic and SMA architecture. Tintinger emphasizes the extensive effort invested to reach this pivotal stage. Originally conceived in 2015 by the Helena Regional Sports Association, the project aimed to address the need for a new sports complex, primarily centered around a pool facility.

However, as the scope of the project expanded, it became evident that the initial location at the YMCA wouldn’t suffice. Despite this shift, the YMCA remains supportive, recognizing the potential economic benefits such a facility could bring to Helena. Collaboration between the two organizations, including potential partnerships in operating the pool, remains a possibility for the future.

Tintinger highlights Helena’s appeal as a destination for events and visitors, underscoring the project’s potential to further enhance the city’s attractiveness. Financing for the ambitious endeavor is estimated at $120 million, with funding sourced from a combination of private investments and taxpayer dollars via a bond levy. Early projections suggest that homeowners could expect to contribute around $184 annually for a property valued at $300,000.

Emphasizing the long-term benefits, Tintinger urges residents to view the project as an investment rather than a mere tax burden. While the timeline for presenting the proposal to voters extends to at least 2025, with completion targeted for 2028, the ARC Project is already eagerly anticipating the results of an economic survey. This survey, conducted by an independent group, will shed light on the community’s needs and the potential impact of the multiplex.

Looking ahead, a public meeting is scheduled to discuss the survey findings and elaborate further on the ARC Project’s plans. With the promise of enhanced recreational and entertainment opportunities, the proposed multiplex stands poised to shape the future of Helena, embodying a significant investment in the city’s growth and prosperity.

By: Montana Newsroom staff

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