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Ron DeSantis ends his struggling presidential bid

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis halted his Republican presidential campaign just before the New Hampshire primary, throwing his support behind Donald Trump and ending a bid that fell short of expectations as a formidable challenge to the former president. In a video posted on X (formerly Twitter), DeSantis acknowledged the prevailing desire among Republican primary voters to give Trump another chance.

Taking a swipe at former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, his main rival for second place, DeSantis criticized the idea of returning to the “old Republican guard” represented by Haley. Despite entering the 2024 presidential race with significant advantages, including a substantial political war chest exceeding $100 million and a noteworthy legislative record, DeSantis faced challenges that derailed his campaign.

Technical glitches marred his high-profile campaign announcement, and internal disruptions, coupled with strategic issues, hindered his progress. DeSantis, who had vowed to win the Iowa caucuses, suffered a substantial defeat, losing to Trump by a margin of 30 percentage points. The suspension of his presidential bid after just one voting contest raises questions about DeSantis’ political future, especially since he is term-limited as Florida governor.

Despite earlier expectations of being a serious contender against Trump, DeSantis faced relentless attacks from the former president. Trump targeted him leading up to DeSantis’ May announcement and continued the assault on the campaign trail, social media, and through paid advertising. DeSantis, relying on his strong Florida re-election in 2022, announced his presidential bid on X in a conversation with CEO Elon Musk, but technical issues hindered the message’s delivery.

Struggling to establish a personal connection with voters on the national stage, DeSantis shifted focus to Iowa’s caucuses as his polling numbers stagnated. With his withdrawal from the 2024 presidential race, DeSantis redirects his attention to completing his second and final term as Florida’s governor, concluding in January 2027.

By: Montana Newsroom staff

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