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Speaker Johnson believes there will be enough votes to begin Biden impeachment

Washingtong – Key Republicans are intensively concentrating on their examination of President Biden’s son, Hunter, and the President himself, as they strive to conclude the year’s legislative activities. Despite having initiated an informal impeachment inquiry, there are indications that they might formalize it imminently.

While President Joe Biden revels in the holiday festivities, critics on Capitol Hill stress that there is little cause for celebration. Republicans persist in their determination to hold President Biden answerable for his involvement in his son’s business ventures.

Republican Representative Byron Donalds emphasized, “Throughout our thorough investigation and the testimonies of credible witnesses, it is evident that the Biden family business is synonymous with Joe Biden.”

Top Republicans suggest that some who had previously been hesitant may have altered their stance following feedback from their constituents over the Thanksgiving break. Republican Representative James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, remarked, “They heard from their constituents: ‘Yes, we want you to move forward; we expect the Bidens to be held accountable for public corruption.'”

Comer asserts that corruption arises from Hunter Biden’s business dealings with companies in China and Russia, involving substantial payments disguised as loans.

Hunter Biden has agreed to testify about his business dealings on December 13 following a subpoena but insists on doing so publicly, accusing Republicans of distorting facts. Tensions escalated last week when Republicans expressed gratitude for Hunter Biden’s willingness to testify but demanded a deposition setting without time constraints.

“This is a credible investigation. We’re going to have the deposition. That’s the difference between asking 35 questions versus asking six or 700 questions,” stated Comer on FOX News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

White House spokesman Ian Sams labeled it an effort to tarnish President Biden with falsehoods, reflecting the House GOP’s misalignment of priorities, a sentiment echoed by some Democrats on the committee.

Democratic Representative Robert Garcia criticized the investigation, stating, “This is a tinfoil hat committee with just a bunch of conspiracy theories and zero evidence,” in an interview with MSNBC.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson anticipates a vote to formalize the impeachment inquiry as early as this week.

By: Montana Newsroom staff

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