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Swift Victory in Iowa Caught Trump HQ Off Guard

The Iowa caucus unfolded in a whirlwind fashion on Monday night, swiftly declaring Donald Trump as the victor even before his campaign watch party had commenced. This unexpected turn of events took place despite the challenging backdrop of freezing temperatures and the looming shadow of 91 criminal charges against Trump.

In a state where he had previously secured only a fourth-place finish in the 2016 Iowa caucuses, Trump’s triumph marked a significant turnaround, solidifying his dominance in subsequent contests. Emerging on stage two hours after the announcement, Trump expressed his gratitude to Iowa, labeling the night as special and hinting at the anticipation of an even grander one in November.

Contrary to efforts to manage expectations, Trump outperformed poll predictions, securing 51% support and establishing a substantial lead over the second-place finisher, Ron DeSantis. The victory was so swift that Trump’s supporters hadn’t yet gathered for the celebration, leaving an otherwise empty room at the Iowa Events Center, with only members of the press present.

The rapid race call prompted accusations of “election interference” from the DeSantis campaign and raised eyebrows among reporters, who seemed taken aback by the speed of the results. Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird, a Trump endorser, saw the outcome as sending a clear message that Trump was the nominee, marking an unprecedented win in the state.

Despite DeSantis not officially dropping out of the race, Kari Lake, an Arizona Senate candidate and staunch Trump supporter, urged him to engage in some introspection. Meanwhile, longshot candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who had faced Trump’s criticism over the weekend, made the surprising decision to exit the race and endorse Trump before 11 p.m.

Hours after being declared the winner, Trump addressed a crowd of supporters adorned in signature white and gold TRUMP CAUCUS CAPTAIN baseball caps. The atmosphere was festive, with attendees sipping on beer, wine, and White Claw seltzer, while music filled the room.

Expressing his own surprise at the early race call, Trump invited a supporter dressed like a border wall to join him at the podium. As Trump delivered his speech, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz turned to the press to inquire about his primary opponents. The celebration continued with a playlist featuring Bastille’s “Pompeii,” providing a fitting soundtrack to Trump’s first step toward a potential 2020 election rematch against President Joe Biden. The lyrics resonated with the moment, asking if closing one’s eyes almost felt like nothing had changed at all, capturing the surreal nature of the rapid victory in Iowa.

By: Montana Newsroom staff

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