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Biden Campaign Unveils $50 Million Ad Blitz Emphasizing Trump’s Conviction

President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is investing $50 million in advertising by the end of June, launching its first TV ad that highlights Donald Trump’s felony conviction. This move suggests that Biden aims to make his opponent’s legal issues a prominent campaign theme as the election approaches.

With over five months remaining until Election Day, Biden’s campaign is eager to define the candidates before their first debate on June 27 in Atlanta. The ad blitz includes more than $1 million directed towards media that reaches Black, Hispanic, and Asian American voters. The key ad, “Character Matters,” spotlights Trump’s 34 felony counts related to a New York hush money case, and will be aired on general market TV, streaming devices, and cellphones in battleground states, as well as on national cable channels.

The ad also emphasizes that Trump was found liable for sexual assault and financial fraud in separate cases and faces felony charges in three additional criminal cases, none of which are expected to go to trial before the election. The narrator states, “This election is between a convicted criminal who’s only out for himself and a president who’s fighting for your family,” juxtaposing images of Trump’s mug shot with Biden interacting with supporters.

President Biden has frequently condemned Trump’s 34 felony convictions, criticizing the former president’s claims of political bias. Biden argues that asserting the case against Trump was rigged “just because they don’t like the verdict” is “reckless, dangerous, and irresponsible.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s son Hunter was recently convicted on three felony charges related to a 2018 gun purchase, where he allegedly lied about his drug use. President Biden has stated he respects the judicial process and will accept the case’s outcome as Hunter considers an appeal.

Biden’s reelection strategy also involves highlighting Trump’s policy proposals and energizing disenchanted Democrats and independents. The significant focus on Trump’s conviction in the ad campaign marks a shift towards leveraging Trump’s legal troubles as a central election issue, a tactic previously avoided by Biden’s team.

“It’s a stark contrast, and it’s one that matters deeply to the American people,” said Biden campaign spokesman Michael Taylor. “And it’s why we will make sure that every single day we are reminding voters about how Joe Biden is fighting for them, while Donald Trump runs a campaign focused on one man and one man only: himself.”

Trump, who denies any wrongdoing, claims without evidence that Biden or Justice Department officials orchestrated the New York case for political purposes. Trump and his allies have suggested prosecuting political opponents if he returns to the White House. Trump campaign spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt accused the Biden administration of having “weaponized the justice system against President Trump” and said the debate would clearly show the contrast between Trump and Biden.

By: Montana Newsroom staff

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