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Donald Trump Jr. to campaign with Gianforte, Zinke

Donald Trump Jr. is slated to make a prominent appearance alongside Governor Greg Gianforte and U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke at an upcoming campaign event and fundraiser scheduled for Sunday, April 28th, at the University of Montana’s University Center Ballroom. The event, organized by the Montana Association of Conservatives, holds significance as it serves as a pivotal fundraiser for its political action committee, Mac-Pac.

As anticipation builds for the event, attendees are encouraged to secure their tickets, priced at $75 per person, through a designated sign-up and donation form. The organizers have emphasized that only individuals with confirmed tickets and names on the guest list will be granted entry, with a strict policy barring children under the age of 16. Doors are set to open promptly at 1 p.m., followed by the commencement of the program at 2 p.m.

In addition to the high-profile trio of Republicans, the event boasts Alex Bruesewitz, a notable GOP consultant and author, as a featured speaker. The event’s website also outlines a range of donation opportunities tailored for both candidates and small businesses, offering a spectrum of ticket packages and advertising options at varying rates to accommodate diverse supporters.

With Mac-Pac’s recent registration with the Federal Election Commission in March, the organization asserts its identity as a Montana-based hybrid PAC, emphasizing its independence from any current affiliations with other organizations. The fundraiser marks a significant effort by conservative voices in Montana to galvanize support and mobilize resources for upcoming political battles.

Governor Gianforte expressed his enthusiastic support for the event, stating, “I am proud to stand with Donald Trump Jr. and Representative Zinke as we work together to get our country back on track.” Both Gianforte and Zinke have prominently endorsed former President Donald Trump in this year’s election cycle, with Trump Jr. frequently lending his influence and support to candidates who align with his father’s political agenda.

The presence of Donald Trump Jr. underscores the continued influence and relevance of the Trump family in shaping the political landscape, particularly within the Republican Party. Trump Jr.’s active involvement in campaigning on behalf of candidates reflects an ongoing effort to mobilize and energize conservative voters, solidifying the legacy of the Trump administration and its policy priorities.

As the event draws near, attention remains focused on the dynamics of the Montana political landscape, with Governor Gianforte facing a primary challenge from Lakeside Republican Rep. Tanner Smith. Similarly, the return of pastor Mary Todd, who previously ran against Zinke in 2022, adds an intriguing element to the 1st Congressional District Republican primary race.

By: Montana Newsroom staff

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