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Teachers’ union staff goes on strike

The National Education Association Staff Organization, the union representing NEA employees, set up picket lines around the Pennsylvania Convention Center in downtown Philadelphia on Friday and had planned a three-day strike during the event.

President Joe Biden canceled his scheduled address at the National Education Association’s annual conference in Philadelphia after union staff initiated a strike and established picket lines on Friday.

Originally slated to speak on Sunday, Biden’s campaign affirmed his strong support for unions, stating he would not cross a picket line. The strike effectively brought the weeklong convention to an early close, canceling the final three days of planned programming, according to the NEA.

The NEA, which boasts school employee union affiliates nationwide, had previously endorsed Biden. Despite the disruption, Biden, currently focusing on his reelection campaign, still intends to visit Pennsylvania over the weekend, per his campaign.

The union has filed two unfair labor practice complaints against the NEA, alleging violations including the unilateral removal of holiday overtime pay and insufficient transparency regarding $50 million in outsourced contracts.

Responding to these accusations, the NEA reaffirmed its commitment to fair bargaining processes and expressed concern over what it described as misinformation regarding contract negotiations.

By: Big Sky Headlines staff

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