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Glendive Police Chief Faces Charges for Hunting Violations

Glendive Police Chief Jeremy Lee Swisher is facing potential felony charges following allegations of hunting violations on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation and tampering with witnesses, according to court documents filed last Thursday.

The filings detail accusations that Swisher possessed three mule deer buck racks harvested illegally on the reservation. An investigation conducted by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks reportedly found no record of Swisher purchasing hunting licenses, as outlined in court documents.

The Montana Attorney General’s Office has filed probable cause for three charges against Swisher: one count of unlawful possession, shipping, or transportation of game animals, and two counts of tampering with witnesses. Assistant Attorney General Michael Gee indicated that Swisher allegedly harvested the bucks in December 2021, prior to assuming his role as police chief.

Court documents further allege that Swisher claimed:

– He harvested the three mule deer bucks on the Fort Peck Reservation.
– He was invited to hunt by a tribal member, asserting the legality of his actions under tribal supervision.
– He purportedly obtained a letter from the tribe approving his hunt, although no such provision exists under Title 19 of the Fort Peck Tribes Comprehensive Code of Justice, which strictly prohibits non-members from hunting mule deer on the reservation.

Investigators assert that Swisher unlawfully transported the deer carcasses first to his former residence in Louisiana and subsequently to his office in Glendive.

Additionally, the state contends that Swisher attempted to influence witnesses to provide false information to investigators and withhold pertinent details during the course of their inquiries.

An initial court appearance for Swisher has been scheduled for July 9. He has been instructed to report to the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office on that date for fingerprinting, photography, and booking procedures.

The case underscores the seriousness of the allegations against Swisher, who faces legal proceedings that could potentially lead to severe legal consequences pending the outcome of the investigation and court proceedings.

By: Big Sky Headlines staff

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