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Greenwood leads fundraising in race for Clerk of the Supreme Court

Recent campaign finance filings reveal that with just a month remaining until Montana’s June 4 primary, Bowen Greenwood holds substantial financial advantages over his opponents in the race for Clerk of Supreme Court.

Incumbent Republican Bowen Greenwood collected close to $25,000 in contributions during the month leading up to the primary, with expenditures totaling around $2,300. This leaves him with a surplus of more than $27,000 in cash reserves just a month before the primary election. Additionally, he raised approximately $2,000 for the General Election, accumulating $6,000 in cash designated for that phase of the campaign.

His primary challenger, Senate President Jason Ellsworth of Hamilton, did not disclose any fundraising activities for the month. However, he did report expenditures of around $21,000 for signs and related materials.

In the Democratic primary, Erin Farris-Olsen stands as the sole candidate to report financial activity. Farris-Olsen raised nearly $7,000 and spent a modest $118 for the primary, leaving her with approximately $9,000 in cash. She also garnered $790 in contributions earmarked for the General Election.

Conversely, the other Democratic contender, Jordan Ophus, as well as the Libertarian candidate vying for Clerk of the Supreme Court, Roger Roots, did not report any fundraising or spending activities.

Absentee ballots are scheduled to be dispatched Friday, May 10, for the primary election. Subsequently, candidates are required to submit another campaign finance report by May 20. This report will offer additional clarity on their financial standings approximately two weeks ahead of the primary election.

By: Montana Newsroom staff

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