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Majority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s job as president, survey shows

Republicans slightly outperform Democrats in the race for Congress By Casey Harper | The Center Square

(The Center Square) – With presidential primary season under way, the majority of Americans disapprove of the job President Joe Biden is doing as president, according to a new poll.

The Center Square’s Voter’s Voice Poll found that 59% of likely voters disapprove of the job Biden is doing as president, while 39% say they approve of the job he is doing.

Among men, the numbers are worse. The survey found that 64% of men disapprove of the job Biden is doing, compared to 34% who approve.

Among women, 56% of those surveyed disapprove of Biden’s work while 40% approve.

Notably, 59% of Hispanics disapprove of Biden’s job as president.

When it comes to the economy, Biden doesn’t fare much better. The survey found that 58% of likely voters disapprove of the job Biden is doing handling the economy, an important issue for voters.

In the same poll, Republicans slightly outperform Democrats iin the race for Congress. Likely voters were asked, “If the election for Congress were being held today, which candidate would you vote for in your district?”

Republicans held an advantage, with 44% in their favor compared to the 41% who chose Democrats. Another 2% said “other” and 13% are unsure.

Hispanic voters were almost evenly split between the two parties, though Trump has much larger Hispanic support, suggesting the former president has been able to bring Hispanic voters into the party in a way that doesn’t translate to other Republicans.

Trump has 45% Hispanic support while Biden has only 38%.

The Center Square poll was conducted in conjunction with Noble Predictive Insights Jan. 2-4 and surveyed 2,573 Americans, with about an even number of Democrats and Republicans.

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