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Oldest South Dakota Lutheran congregation brings back Lutefisk dinner

ELK POINT, S.D. – After several years of canceling the dinner due to the pandemic, St. Paul Lutheran Church in Elk Point is gearing up to revive its Lutefisk dinner tradition.

Established in 1863, St. Paul Lutheran in Elk Point has been a host for a holiday Lutefisk dinner for decades. Despite being canceled for a few years amid the pandemic, the event is set to make a comeback this Saturday night.

Craig Eidem, who has been involved in preparing the meal alongside his father, Amos, for many years, is now passing on the tradition to his grandchildren, Jack and Elsie. He emphasized the importance of preserving traditions, stating, “I’m not going to be around forever. A lot of us aren’t, so we need to keep things going if we can. It’s a tradition, and those of us that grew up with it especially, we miss it if we don’t have it at least once a year at Christmas time.”

By: Montana Newsroom Staff

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