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Oregon man who spiked his daughter’s friends smoothies during sleepover sentenced to 2 years in prison

An Oregon man, Michael Meyden, admitted to spiking the smoothies of three of his daughter’s friends with sedatives during a sleepover last year and pleaded guilty to multiple felonies. Meyden, 57, of Lake Oswego, confessed to three counts of causing another person to ingest a controlled substance in Clackamas County Circuit Court.

District Attorney John Wentworth stated that Meyden’s actions were reprehensible and reckless, warranting a prison sentence. The impact on the young victims, their families, and the community at large was substantial, according to Wentworth.

As part of a negotiated agreement with prosecutors, Meyden received a two-year prison term, along with three years of post-prison supervision. Additionally, three felonies and three misdemeanor charges were dismissed.

During the court proceedings, Meyden expressed deep remorse and apologized tearfully to his victims and their families. His attorney, Jeff Turnoy, affirmed Meyden’s genuine contrition, stating that he understood the gravity of his actions and their consequences.

The incident occurred during a sleepover on August 25, 2023, where Meyden drugged his daughter’s friends with benzodiazepine, a sedative typically prescribed for anxiety. The girls, aged 12 at the time, were hospitalized after consuming the spiked smoothies. Although Meyden’s daughter also tested positive for drugs, he was not charged with drugging her.

The affidavit detailed the events of the sleepover, where Meyden accompanied the girls for various activities and prepared smoothies for them before bedtime. Meyden insisted that each girl drink from her own cup, distinguishing their drinks with specific-colored straws.

After consuming the smoothies, one girl reported feeling dizzy and disoriented, eventually losing consciousness. Another girl, concerned for her heavily sleeping friend, managed to alert her parents and a family friend to pick her up. Meyden’s attempts to separate the girls during the night raised further suspicions of his intentions.

By: Big Sky Headlines staff

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