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Spring Enrollment Figures Highlight UM’s Continued Growth

MISSOULA – Spring semester enrollment is rising again at the University of Montana, marking the sixth consecutive semester of enrollment growth at the public flagship institution.

UM reports 10,349 students enrolled in classes this spring, a 2.4% increase over the spring 2023 semester. More students are enrolled at UM for spring semester than any year since 2019.

“Not only are more students choosing UM, but they are persevering towards graduation at a record rate,” said UM President Seth Bodnar. “As a result of these efforts, we are seeing benefits to our students beyond consecutive years of enrollment and revenue growth. These impactful strides are leading to improved graduation rates, increased scholarly impact and expanded job opportunities for our graduates.”

The year-over-year growth in enrollment is driven by a 3.4% increase in undergraduate student enrollment as compared to last spring – including an 86.8% retention rate of undergraduate students who returned to campus following the completion of the fall semester.

Last fall, UM reported a 76% retention rate, which measures the proportion of students who persist between their first and second year at UM. This is the largest first-to-second year retention rate ever recorded at UM.

Missoula College, UM’s two-year college affiliate, welcomed 1,092 early admit and dual enrollment students from primarily Missoula-area high schools. These students are full-time high school students who enroll in Missoula College courses to begin earning higher education credit.

The number of full-time equivalent students at UM this spring increased by 2.4% — including a 4.6% increase at Missoula College.

In December, over 800 students graduated from UM at the conclusion of the fall 2023 semester.

Other highlights from UM’s 2024 spring census report include:

  • 84 first-time entering freshmen, a 20% increase compared to 2023.
  • 142 incoming transfer students, a 34% increase compared to 2023.
  • 255 law school students, a 4.5% increase compared to 2023.
  • 6,704 Montana resident students enrolled, a 3.2% increase compared to 2023.

UM’s spring 2024 census report is available online.

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